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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Colombia plans teenage condom law

Colombian teenagers could be forced to carry condoms in an effort to stop unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

The man proposing the scheme says people over the age of 14 in the town of Tulua should carry condoms, just as they carry ID cards, or face a fine.

"The measure does not force anyone to have sex, but to protect themselves," Councillor William Pena told El Tiempo.

But a local priest has compared the scheme to "selling guns on the street".

Last year, 14 people died in Tulua due to sexually transmitted diseases.

This shows an increase of 50% from 2003, according to figures published by the daily.

"This is a country with a lot of sexual activity and Tulua is no exception," Mr Pena told El Tiempo.

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Just more feel-goodism from politicians who wish to be seen "doing something" about "this problem".

Typically, instead of really addressing the issue of the continued down fall of morality, this politician wants to find a bandaid solution. A quick fix for a hard problem.

Requiring every teen to carry a condom will do absolutely nothing to reduce teen pregnancy or teen sex each society, whether it be Columbia's, England's or the United States', must address the attitudes and knowledge about sex that our teens hold and educate them on just why pre-marital sex is not good for them.

But, it isn't just our teens that are in the dark about this subject. Even our young adults are woefully ignorant on just how involved sex is in the human psyche not to mention the disease factors involved in promiscuity.

I'd sooner trust that Catholic Priest than the politician in the story, and I'm not even Catholic!
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