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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Illegal Immigration and Your Security
- By Greg Stewart

Recently, a fellow online-blogger, Warner Todd Huston, wrote an article on the "rethinking" of 14th Amendment. In his article, he conveys the nonsensical, the heresy of, one of my US Representatives from Colorado, Tom Tancredo, of the 6th District, as wanting to redefine the 14th Amendment in the name of controlling illegal immigration. Yes, most of us understand the history of why the 14th Amendment was needed and added to the US Constitution. Simply, it was to correct the wrongs of servitude and slavery of black Americans.

Nevertheless, some would have one believe that the 14th Amendment is the causation of bureaucratic, debt-ridden, high security threat to the nation. In that, by tweaking the amendment that our crises to our welfare services would dissipate, shrivel, and go bye-bye. Okay...that might work. But! What about the illegal immigrants already here? Surely, we would have offer some sort of amnesty, or a grandfather act to ensure the fairness of those who already in the system? Right? Or do we do some sort of deportation (internment camp) round up and start shipping them back over the border?

Moreover, some would have one believe that illegal immigrants are "birthing" there stay in America, and thus, creating an anchor, or as the term goes an "anchor baby" so they can stay here, in case they get caught in the US illegally. That may be, but these people are not Tribbles, and for the record, they are human, and therefore entitled to not only their civil rights but their inalienable rights endowed by the universal creator known as the human community. ... .........
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