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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Fewer American Men in College? Good!
- By Warner Todd Huston

We are just beginning to see pundits and edu-watchers noticing that more women are attending Universities and colleges than are men in this country today. According to several articles I have recently read the ratio that will enroll in college this year is somewhere around 58 women to 42 men.

There are many questions being raised about the climbing number of women over men attending our colleges and what it means for our society and economy. Some wonder where the women of the near future will find men who are either their peers or their betters to marry. Some worry that we will have fewer and fewer men "educated" enough to fill the high-end jobs of the future. And some might worry that we are seeing a dumbing down of our male populace.

Another thing to wonder about is the continued focus of women's groups and the government on fostering yet even more women to attend colleges even as there is already an imbalance of women over men. That such energy and money is being wasted fixing something that isn't broken is a situation that reeks of foolishness.

All these questions are pertinent and good to ask. But are they something we must really worry about? That is the real question................

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