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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Nathan Tabor: Columnist, Candidate, and True Conservative
- By John T. Plecnik

Who is Nathan Tabor? Nationally, Nathan is known for his conservative political commentary and radio broadcasts. The Washington Times, Townhall.com, Human Events, and NewsMax have all published his work. And courtesy of American Family Radio-part of the American Family Association-the radio spots from Nathan's AConservativeMoment.com are heard on over 250 stations nationwide.

In his home state of North Carolina, Nathan is known as a self-made, small businessman who ran for congress. In an eight-way primary-one of the most expensive in American history—Nathan raised over $850,000 and received over 7,500 votes.

Great reputation? Yes. But who is Nathan Tabor? Not satisfied with taking advantage of existing venues for conservative speech and activism, Nathan founded TheConservativeVoice.com. The site has been noted by Rush Limbaugh and features up-to-the-minute news and opinion from more than 100 popular columnists. It boasts a listing of 150,000 e-mails. And after less than a year, TheConservativeVoice.com gets over 250,000 unique visitors per month.
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