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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Automatic Citizenship - Change It Or Understand It?
- By Warner Todd Huston

The issue of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment has been heating up more and more since my last editorial over the issue in November (Automatic Citizenship?). The popularity of somehow changing or clarifying the clause to exclude the children of Mexican immigrants is amazing and saddening.

Since my original editorial, I have been contacted by several people who have further explained their reasoning for excluding citizenship for the children born here of illegal immigrants. They say I don't understand the real intent of the amendment and that properly understood the meaning is pretty clear that Mexicans simply don't qualify, anchor baby or no, to have their children become automatic citizens.

Naturally, I have also been excoriated as an "open boarders" advocate, been told that I am somehow against the health of the American character, and have been called as many anti-American names as you can imagine. This would be news to some of my left leaning friends who imagine me to be as stodgy an old Founder worshipper as exists! Such is the fate of anyone who wishes to opine, as we all know.

In my original piece I wondered aloud how we could exclude citizenship to Mexican immigrants in a country built upon immigration and I said that this inordinate fear of Mexican immigrants is counterproductive. This I still believe, but with the many messages I have been sent I now better understand the reasoning of those who claim the 14th Amendment never meant to include the children of illegals under the citizenship clause.

And I now believe they are right, to a certain extent. Unfortunately for them, being right isn't the solution they imagine it to be...............

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