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Friday, January 13, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Morning in Cicero
- By David Tatosian

Its Saturday January 7 th , 7:20 AM. I park my vehicle in the Home Depot lot and head for the dozen or so Minutemen already gathered on the sidewalk (outside the lot) along Cicero Avenue.

A woman from IFIRE (Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement) hands me a 'Honk To Stop Illegal Immigration' sign and I take my place on the sidewalk. Behind us (in the Home Depot parking lot) are the racist illegal alien demonstrators already shouting "Nazis" and "Racists" into their bullhorns.

7:30 on a Saturday morning, with a mobile transmitter at their disposal, media cameras and reporters hanging on their every word, and still these frenzied bigots need to yell into bullhorns to get their message out.

This is the second Minuteman function I have attended. The first, in the basement of the Elgin American Legion Hall on Nov. 10, in Elgin Il, was a town hall, open forum meeting attended by over 100 Elgin residents. . ............
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