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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Howard Stern and Berkeley versus the Scouts
- By Hans Zeiger

Howard Stern, whose 5-year nine-digit sewer-tour with Sirius satellite radio commenced Monday, posed last month in Newsweek as a Boy Scout. Holding forth the three-fingered Scout sign with an American flag backdrop, Stern wore an antique Scout hat, blue neckerchief, First Class rank, and the troop number "1906." The photo suggested what the enemies of the Boy Scouts have for many years declared: that one's refusal to live by the Scout Oath and Law is no disqualifier from wearing the uniform. Cloaking Gomorrahic decadence in mainstream culture, Stern aims to move America beyond the moral antiquations of 1906.

This too has been the aim of Berkeley, California for several decades. Like Howard Stern's values, Berkeley's hippie values contrast the Boy Scouts' honor code starkly.

Four years ago, the Berkeley City Council barred a delegation of Japanese Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts from having a scheduled meeting with the mayor in City Hall. They said that they didn't want to signal any support for the Boy Scouts of America, which excludes homosexuals, even though the Japanese Scouts have no policy about sexual orientation. .........
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