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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Conservative Booklist - The Road To Serfdom

The Road To Serfdom

In an age when the ascendancy of socialism was assumed to be assured by the illiterati, elite, there were voices of conservatism that warned the world of the evils of socialism and tyranny.

Such a voice was that of Frederich A. Hayek. In 1944, Hayek found himself alarmed by the grind of socialism throughout the world and foresaw the end of liberty and freedom as well as capitalism because of it.

In the midst of WWII, Hayek wrote his most famous tome on economics, but it wasn’t just a dry book on money and markets. As Hayek said in the Preface to his 1944 (sixth printing in my own library), “When a professional student of social affairs writes a political book, his first duty is plainly to say so. This is a political book.”

Hayek meant to, and ably succeeded in, reminding the world of the true benefits and basic correctness of the Capitalist and democratic systems of social order.

This book is a must for those just introducing themselves to the arguments and concepts in favor of our conservative principles.

The Road to Serfdom-Amazon.com

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