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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Frog YOU, France...

US boycott costs French wine exporters $165m

Americans boycotting French wine in anger at that country's opposition to the Iraq war probably cut sales by US$112 million ($165 million), says a new study.

Keep drinking American, you people!!!
My family drinks wine and we curtailed our consuption of French products after their lack of support in the war effort. Our boycott was complete for about one year; we stopped buying from Williams and Sonoma because of their LeCreuset products (great products by the way)- forsook Moet and Chandon and Chanel, Loreal, and Roc products. Wrote a letter to the French embassy and plan to visit Montreal instead of Paris if I start to crave Frenchness. Ironically, I am half French (cajun)- old French was my father's first language. Letters that I received back from the companies that I wrote to were politically correct in nature, apologetic but "so-what?" in nature. What goes around comes around though, and they are having their own share of problems with their friends to the east; not to mention the first generation immigrants that reside in their own country.
In the meantime I found some wonderful substitutes: one of which is Gruet sparkling wine made in NEW MEXICO. Wonderful!!! and reasonably priced. They can't call it champagne because there is a rule that if it is not made in a certain area of France in a certain way, it can't be labeled as such. But it's the same thing.
Viva La USA!
That's the spirit.

I'd also like to say that we really DO have better prices for comparable worth in US wines.

Paying through the nose does NOT make it "better", for sure.

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