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Friday, February 10, 2006


Hewitt to become a Blogger Representative?

Well, Hugh Hewitt, King of the Conservative Bloggers, the Jack Bauer of the blogosphere, yapper extraordinaire, the creme d'la creme of ... (is this buttering up too transparent? NAH!) .. of Political Opinion, the Edward R. Murrow of his day, the ... Hmmm. Maybe I went too far with that last one...

Mr. Hewitt has floated the idea that he could become an agent for Bloggers (as if he doesn't have enough to do in a day). While this seems like a good idea, and I would support it (and would love to be part OF it!), I'm not sure who he would be repping these bloggers TO?

After all, the MSM is dead-on sure that Bloggers are a mere insect to be swatted away as insignificant. And, even as they are messing with Blogs of their own, they still are in a mode of looking askance at Bloggers for the most part.

Blogging is on an upward swing, though, and Hewitt would be smart to start his service BEFORE Blogging becomes as respected as the MSM used to be. It isn't quite there yet, but it is fast getting there. I would suggest that Blogs might have to end up as an equal rival to the MSM (like I said, it isn't quite there yet) before the MSM would be interested in talking with Hugh about his clients. And, if Bloggers are equal to the MSM what do we NEED the MSM for??

Just to show how quickly Blogs grow, I have nearly 2,000 hits a day on my Blog and I do no advertising. I have had my Opinion Editorials and writing all over the world on the internet. All this has happened with nearly a life of it's own. Most Blogs are like that. People find them, like them, and they keep coming back.

The trust people place in their favorite Bloggers rivals that of what the public used to have for the Big Three news anchormen. This can only increase as the years roll forward.

So, once again, Hugh Hewitt shows his sagacity, (rep ME, king of bloggers) his sage ability to discern trend, (take me on boss) his brilliance, (did I mention I blog, too?) his sheer precognitive ability (my email address is igcolonel@hotmail.com)... his breath is always sweet, his suit finely pressed, his shoes shined, and his mane of silvery hair well coifed. A more manly man never existed....

...Hello? Is anyone out there?

-Warner Todd Huston
Owner and Proprietor of Publius' Forum
Writer of Op Eds on dozens of sites from Town-Hall, RenewAmerica.us, etc., etc.
Bane of socialists everywhere
All around nice guy

... and totally averse to this gauche self-promotion that so many people get into!
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