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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Illinois Newspaper Refuses Pro-life Ads as “Too Graphic”

CHICAGO, February 10, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) – An Illinois newspaper has rejected ads from a pro-life group as “too graphic” because they include photographs taken with the new 3-D ultrasound technology. Joliet-based Herald News told CNS that they reserve the right to reject any advertising for any reason.

Jill Stanek, a nurse and president of the Will County chapter of the National Right to Life Committee, contacted the Herald News asking to rent space for ads that included a picture of an unborn child in the womb. The caption for the ad said, “I am an American. … You know who I am and now that you can see my face, will you use your voice? … 30 years of denying self-evident truth is long enough. America, it’s time to protect your children again.”

The ads have been making the rounds for some time appearing in newspapers across the country. Stanek said on her blog that the newspaper refused to run the ads on the Roe v. Wade anniversary.

Stanek wrote, “Since when are ultrasounds ‘graphic’? In fact, these ultrasound photos are beautiful. Parents proudly display them on their refrigerators, for goodness sakes.”

Original Source - Lifesite.net
Too graphic?

Try too humanizing.

This paper is refusing the ads because the three dimensional sonogram process creates a picture of a baby in the womb that looks like a baby. In other words, it looks like a child instead of that "unviable tissue mass" that abortion advocates love to imagine is floating in a woman's womb. It makes it harder for them to discount the life of this baby and support aborting it, ending its life.

Once again, we see abortion advocates denying the humanity of a baby ... unless it is convenient to decide it is human.

-Warner Todd Huston
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