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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Leftist Blogs Indicate Intraparty Rift? Well, DUH!
- By Warner Todd Huston

Jimmy VandeHei is a quick study. In an Op Ed in the Washington Post this Saturday ( Blogs Attack From Left) he has reached the astonishing conclusion that "liberal Web logs" and the Internet have become "a powerful political force" with the Democratic Party these days.

Where has Mr. VandeHei been?

Here is the laugh line from VandeHei's Op Ed:

"Democrats are getting an early glimpse of an intraparty rift that could complicate efforts to win back the White House: fiery liberals raising their voices on Web sites and in interest groups vs. elected officials trying to appeal to a much broader audience."

"Getting an early glimpse"? "Could complicate efforts"? Where was he when the Democratic Underground or the DailyKos was pushing Democrats to attack Bush and Republicans two elections ago? Is he just now noticing that Blogs are a political force?..................

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