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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

Strategy Versus Tactics (Them and US)
- By R.A. Hawkins

Last week I wrote about some of the tactics currently in play within our own country by ‘Them’. When I say them I refer to the communist block still very much in power in Russia and China. This week I would like to discuss the tactics in play in the Mid-East in very general terms. If one calmly takes to time to read what our detractors have to say in the Mid-East one can easily recognize a very common pattern. They are all totalitarian regimes with a socialist bent to them. On the surface they appear to be at odds with each other at all times. They claim to be trying to modernize at times, yet they are also trying to maintain their Islamic ways. In the long run we will see that they were all one in the same. This is evidenced by the level of inaction on the part of local governments towards their own troublemakers. There is an old saying in that region that sums up their thinking: “You and me against my brother. You, me and my brother against the outsider.”

Historically there is another way to view this situation. Forgive me if I take you back in time. I’ll make it an exciting journey and since everyone loves ninjas we’ll go there. Fasten your belts and let’s go. ...................
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