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Monday, February 13, 2006


Our Newest Op Ed

- By Vince Johnson

Happy Birthday George: Everybody seems to be a little preoccupied these days. We are all trying our best not to mention a certain nasty word. But sooner or later it slips out like it did the other day at the local coffee house. The chatter was friendly and normal until somebody asked, "Anybody know a good tax accountant?"

That did it. One lady looked up at the ceiling. Her mutterings were incoherent. I heard some coughing and throat clearing. A man's hand started trembling so bad he had to set his mug down. Some latte slopped over the rim and he dabbed the drippings with a napkin. After things settled down I decided it was time to update you on something that's happened to your country since 1776. So I dashed home to write you this letter............
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