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Saturday, February 04, 2006


This Silly Danish Cartoon Issue...

CNN, is reporting that the Danish embassy in Syria has been set ablaze over this ridiculous cartoon issue.

I have not written anything about this until now because it is all just too fantastic to take seriously. It was one thing to see these infantile Muslims burning danish flags, but now they have launched into severe destruction. Soon we will see deaths connected to a cartoon!

This all has the effect to prove to anyone that Islam is NOT a serious religion. It is filled with foolishness and danger. As each day in this new era passes, Islam proves itself to be the most pernicious influence on the planet Earth.

Now that communism is defeated, Islam is the newest threat to the world. But, it isn't the west that is the problem this time -- not that it was with the commies, but this time the west truly could have just let Islam go unnoticed and free of interference whereas it was forced to try and destroy Communism anywhere it was, even in countries that accepted it.

I really hate to get to this point in my thinking on Islam. I have avoided this position since 9/11, saying that Islam could be just fine as a religion. That it could be a religion of peace. That it could be a perfectly fine creed integrated into government for Islamic nations.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Islam is pernicious. Not willing to sit by and wait for people to come to it, but reaching out to forcibly conquer the rest of the world. Islam is a danger to the world. It's time people who want to let Islam live-and-let-live to wake up to it.
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