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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Al Gore - Eco-Expert

- By Nathan Tabor

With the President's poll numbers stagnating in the low thirties, the Republican-controlled House poised to stop any Bush-backed illegal immigration amnesty program, and House Speaker Hastert (R-IL) declaring the invincibility of the legislative branch's members-only club to scrutiny while one of their own is caught with his hand in the cookie jar (actually, a freezer), who will Republicans run for president in 2008? At this moment, that job looks like a suicide mission.

Back in 2000, Republicans had a once in a lifetime chance of pushing a conservative agenda with both houses of Congress in their pocket and a President who seemed willing to follow the cause of conservatism, "compassionate" conservatism, that is. If things go full cycle in November and the GOP takes a beating, any Republican presidential candidate will have big problems in 2008.....................
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