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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Have you thought about "dots" lately?

- By Vince Johnson

I don't mean Polka Dots like you see on ties and blouses. I mean little tiny dots like those seen over a "j" or a small "i". Most people can go over a year without even thinking about little dots. Not me. I think about dots a lot. A period is just a small dot but it is important in every book you'll ever read. It is used at the end of a sentence. No sentence ever written in all of history was entitled to have more than one period. I've heard that periods are known as a "Stop" or "Full Stop" in England.

When you see three dots in a row like this... you are not seeing three periods. You are seeing what is known as an ellipsis. This is used when you are quoting something, but want to omit a few words for the sake of brevity................
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Don’t they use dots instead of periods for numbers in Europe, like 1.000?
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