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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The Leftist Wingnuts Are Restless...

Just a quick note...

Bush in Iraq to visit the troops and the Iraqi government and Karl Rove told he will not be indicted by this political witch-hunt!

The nutroots at the DailyKos and Dummiecratic Underground are LOOSING their minds!!

Here are two entries in DummicraticUnderground courtesy of Hugh Hewitt:

71. This doesn't make sense. Is it possible that Rove was actually indicted on May 12 like truthout reported, but somehow Bush got involved to stop it? Maybe Bush told Fitz that he was going to pardon Rove so Fitz dropped it. Or maybe Rove has some dirt on Fitz so Fitz dropped it.

And here is one about Bush going to Iraq...

16. What a patriot!
Maybe he's there to fulfill his patriotic duty to the country; after all, he never completed his military service in the National Guard years ago. Dan Rather was right!!

I hope Bush is on the losing end of an IED.

It's so sad ... no FUNNY ... to see the wingnuts loosin' it!

Bush has racked up some impressive wins politically over the last month and it is driving the NUTroots out of their tiny minds!
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