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Friday, June 02, 2006


Pseudo-Intellectual Insurgents (On The Nature And Origins Of Liberalism)

- By R.A. Hawkins

It sure has been interesting to watch the left flounder about as they try their best to create an insurgency in this country. My absolute favorites have been the left-wingers who parade around in their new conservative clothes. I never grow weary of the phrase "I used to be a republican." Or better yet, "I used to be a conservative." Some of them actually go on at times to make a few rational points before derailing their trains of thought and veering into a special place devoid of the tracks of reality that place only they understand.
One of the few good points they make is that we aren't doing enough to stop illegal immigration. But start to send these guys back to their homeland and watch them switch sides. They'll be crying out about profiling because we're sending Mexicans back to Mexico. They'll be upset because we're asking only Mexicans if they’re from Mexico and have registered legally. Just like they got all worked up because we were looking specifically at people of Mid-Eastern descent to see if they might be Mid-Eastern terrorists.............................
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