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Thursday, June 01, 2006


They Don't Know What "Honor" Means in Frisco!

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Associated Press headline proudly proclaims "San Franciscans honor those touched by AIDS" and goes on to regale us all about how AIDS activists "honored" the lives of San Franciscans who have died of AIDS since 1981. (See story by clicking here)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Clasping purple irises, calling out names and clapping to a gospel beat, San Francisco paid tribute Thursday to the thousands of residents who died from AIDS in the last 25 years and honored the thousands more still living with the HIV virus

The report glowed on about how politicians and religious leaders "honored" and "celebrated" AIDS victims at the gathering in the performing arts center this week. The gay men's chorus performed and 40 members of the audience came to the stage and sang "We shall overcome".

How heartwarming.

The problem is, how does one "honor" someone who merely got a disease? Further, why "honor" someone who got that disease by indulging in behavior that caused it, behavior that is preventable? What did they do that deserves to be honored?

It appears that San Franciscans do not understand what the word "honor" means. And misusing it this way diminishes the term when applied to people who truly deserve honoring.

One might honor the doctors that have worked for a cure for AIDS. One might honor the community clinic workers that have tried to care for AIDS patients. One might even honor the politicians who endeavored to find money in their budgets for AIDS research ... though even the last example would be a marginal usage of the term.

But, honor those who got the disease? Absurd.

Worse than this self-indulgent and childish "honoring" was the not so subtle linking of beating the AIDS virus with the civil rights movement when the song "We shall overcome" was struck up.

Blacks being hung by white supremicists from trees and poles throughout the south, being kept from becoming full citizens of this country generation after generation, and a few thousand promiscuous gay men getting a disease from their promiscuity have NO relation to each other whatsoever. Further, it diminishes the importance and seriousness of the civil rights issues of the past with the conflating of the two.

This is just one more example of a distortion of language employed to mask bad behavior and then to try and legitimize that same behavior.
I would almost 100% agree with you. But, remember a child born to a mother with AIDS can also get AIDS. There are stories of social service workers who contracted AIDS while dealing with an AIDS patient whether they were doctors, nurses, EMTs, or police officers. And before they began to screen blood, there were those who got the disease from blood transfusions.
I understand the point you were making, but you need to consider the other angles.
Those instances are pointless to bother mentioning. We ALL know there are exceptions to nearly every rule. We need not bog the discussion down mentioning the 2% of cases (or less) that might happen in the manner you describe.

Besides, the3 AIDS originated from promiscuity, so even the health worker that accidentally got it ended up getting it from someone who was promiscuous!
... oh, and by the way... NICE name!!

Great minds think alike. I almost thought someone was using my log in info until I noticed your little graphic!

Yer a Federalist Papers fan, I'd bet!
Oh, I know who the event was for; being in San Francisco it does not take a rocket scientist. But, I have found that to convince those on the other side to rethink their ways, you have to give them a little too. Almost all of my readers are liberal and if I don’t throw them a bone they stay on the defensive and I get no where.
And I was a history major, so I am more a fan of history than anything else.
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