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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Arizona- Law Requiring ID to Vote Upheld

-By Warner Todd Huston

Well, this is good news for those of us against voter fraud. In Phoenix, Arizona, Federal Judge Roslyn Silver declared that a requirement of presenting an ID before being allowed to cast a ballot was a good idea and that said "the public interest would not be advanced by granting the injunction" allowing the law to be shut down.

Here was the most amusing part of the report...

"Attorneys from the Mexican American Legal Defense argued this amounts to discrimination because Latinos are less likely to have the kinds of ID required. The result, she said, would deny Latinos the right to vote, running afoul of federal voting rights laws."

Um, yeah. Because they are ILLEGAL and not ELIGIBLE to vote in the FIRST place!!

The illegal voting advocates in Arizona, however, claim to feel "hopeful" that they might yet prevail and make voter fraud easier to achieve for Democrats.

"But the judge did give attorneys some reason to believe that she might yet be persuaded: She directed all sides to submit briefs later this month on the question of whether identification requirements to register to vote constitute an illegal "poll tax.'' That falls into line with the arguments that forcing people to buy certain kinds of identification, ranging from birth certificates to driver licenses, becomes an improper financial barrier to voting."

Let us hope that Judge Silver stays with her reliance on the Constitution and does not bow to the pressure of Democrats and illegals to rig elections as is their wont.
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