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Friday, September 08, 2006


Cook County (Chicago,IL)- Making 'Sanctuary' For Illegals

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Cook County Commissioner, Roberto Maldonado, is trying to get a measure passed that would prohibit Cook County Sheriff's police from asking for immigration papers at traffic stops.

If the measure passes, Maldonado said, sheriff's deputies could not ask for immigration papers during traffic stops and county employees could not report suspected illegal immigrants to federal authorities.

Maldonado says he is doing this to PREVENT immigration laws from being enforced.

County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado, the measure's sponsor, said he wants to prevent the county from joining a growing group of local jurisdictions that are cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security to enforce immigration laws.

When we have people in position of power going out of their way to prevent our immigration laws being enforced on the local level, it just underscores how we need to shut down our border on a Federal level. If the local politicians are supporting breaking our laws so blatantly like this, we need the Federal government to physically shut down our southern border so that outlaw politicians like Maldonado have fewer lawbreakers to shield.

Maldanado is exactly the kind of anti-American that people who want to gin up hatred against Mexicans point to as "proof" that they are "all like that", that they will "all break the law". Maldonado should be removed from his position on the Cook County board over this inciting of illegal activity.

As a private citizen, Maldnado would have every right to advocate for his ideas on policy and law. But as an elected member of the County Board, his first duty is to uphold the law, even laws he isn't fond of. To promote laws that purposefully break the law is a bastardization of his duties and should be grounds for dismissal.

However, if he is allowed to get away with this outrage, as many other City and State governments have similarly allowed their politicians to get away with such activities, we can see that the States and local governments will NOT allow our laws to be enforced.

Obviously we cannot rely on our politicians on the state level to enforce our laws.

Warner, we both know how corrupt the judicial system is in Illinois as well as how it works...like crap. It needs a major overhaul. Check this out. The woman who assaulted me was arrested again for various traffic infractions (Leaving the scene of an Accident, wreckless driving, etc.) She did this while under supervision. Know what she got? 300 hrs CS, 500 fine and supervision for 18 mos. Then, I come to find out, not 2 weeks later, she gets arrested for a DUI and child endagerment since her daughter was in the car with her. She has a sentencing hearing on October 5th at the Kane County CH.

Let me just say that if this bitch doesn't get jail time, I'm going to flip. The judges in my county suck. I almost feel like writing a letter to the DA to tell him he better not let her get off. She committed a class 3 felony (it's her 2nd DUI).

What say you? I'm sick of folks who have rap sheets so long it's unreal but who have the freedom to wander as they wish. We need to stop this!!!
I agree 100%.

But, you know why they do it? So that they don't have to make a decision too fast and that way they can bleed even the person charged of their cash. It isn't about justice... it's about cash.

After all, this person who assaulted you is going to have to pay for fines and lawyers and court costs EVERY time. Whereas they should have jailed a long time ago, this way they can keep getting more cash BEFORE they finally jail!!

See what i mean? It's all a scam to keep getting money even from the criminals!
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