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Monday, September 11, 2006


Democrat Uses Memorial To Attack Bush

-By Warner Todd Huston

A Virginia Democrat uses 9/11 ceremony to make political points against Bush, As reported by the Sun Gazette in Virginia.

Is there an elected Democrat that has any sense of decorum, any patriotism, or even the slightest bit of common sense? Is every single situation they come across to be used to make political hay, no matter the context of the situation? Are even memorials to be used for cheap political shots at Republicans?

At least for that last question, yes appears to be the answer in Virginia.

At a memorial service for 9/11/01 in Arlington Virginia, Representative Jim Moran (Dem, 8th) used his few minutes on the dais to attack the Bush administration to the distaste of many in the audience.

But Moran then maneuvered into more sensitive ground, suggesting that the country was not safer and intimating that the Bush administration's foreign policy was headed in the wrong directions.

“More people hate us,” Moran said, a comment that drew an outburst from the crowd.

One incensed woman in the audience called out, "My brother died on 9/11, don't make this political."

If she had added you son of a_ _ _ _ _, she would have been quite justified.

Naturally, this Democrat was neither embarrassed nor deterred in his warping of a memorial service to serve as his political attack platform and went on to blame terrorism on the USA because we won't deal with the "root causes of terrorism".

Just like a good Democrat. Blame the USA and let the actual terrorists off the hook because we are so evil to have driven them to it.

A vote for Democrats is a vote against security, and a vote for losing the war.

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