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Friday, September 15, 2006


Dems Fund Raising Down -- N.Y.Times Won't Say Why?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Imagine the scenario where Ken Mehlman, Republican National Committee Chair, was not able to raise but about half the amount of money that the DNC was raising. Imagine then, a situation where multiple, outside GOP supporting organizations were hastily created in an urgent effort to raise the money that Mehlman was failing to raise just to compete in the advertising wars of the upcoming 2006 midterms.

...then imagine the MSM not taking the time to gleefully point out the Republican Chairman's dismal record. Imagine finding them silent that it is even happening.

Having a hard time imagining that?

So am I.

However, reverse that situation and put Howard Dean in Mehlman's place and that is what we got from "Democrats Form New Group For Fund-Raising and Ads" in the New York Times on September 14th.

The story centers on the creation of yet another Democratic Party supporting 527 group, this one headed by Harold M. Ickes, a former Clinton advisor. It waxes eloquent over how rich the donors are who are lining up to donate to Ickes' new political campaigning group and details all the cash they expect to raise with this effort.

The story starts with Ickes' realization of the bad spot the Democrats seem to be in with fundraising, yet it mysteriously does not go on to develop the theme.

"Sensing both political danger and opportunity, a top Democratic operative and a group of major party donors have banded together to deliver a barrage of late advertising and on-the-ground action to secure Democratic victories in November."

"Political danger"? But, why? What about the DNC's fundraising efforts? Where is the head of DNC fundraising, Howard Dean? Why are the Democrats so in need of this new fundraising group created so quickly and so late in the campaign season?

The piece is silent on the matter.

In the first 18 months of the 2005-06 campaign cycle, the GOP raised $574 million, while the Democrats raised only $240 million. The DNC is way down in this race and that is the reason that Ickes is rushing into the breach to raise money for Democratic Party efforts. But, startlingly, this fact and the fact that Howard Dean is failing miserably in his efforts to raise funds is not mentioned in the story about fundraising efforts!

Why is it that the New York Times is so silent on Dean's failure? And, would they be nearly as silent if such a failure was happening with the Republicans?

I report YOU decide!

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