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Friday, September 08, 2006


Election 2006 & 2008 Choices

By Gary Kelly

Complacency or Virtue? Apathy or an Educated Vote?

Enticing citizens to become proactive in determining the quality of life they will be leaving their descendents and who they vote for has consequences. Some pressing issues being faced today are addressed using quotes and warnings from American founders and past leaders.

Are you too busy to learn exactly what the candidates on your ballot stand for? Are you too busy and therefore need to rely on your elected officials to uphold your values, fiscal responsibilities, education, and social services? Are you too busy to take the time to distinguish between the candidates which ones will most likely provide the best choices in determining the quality of life your descendents will have?

Your voting determines if you want government to become a cradle-to-grave-nanny-state which demands higher taxation, increased bureaucracy, and as evident from the past, increased corruption and inadequate emergency response and healthcare. Your vote also signifies either your compliance with a secular progressive worldview promoting more government regulations, or a Biblical worldview of personal responsibility, commitment, and respect............
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This should be required reading for EVERY American!
Excellent job, Mr. Kelly! I am forwarding this to an editor I know, in hopes she will use all or part in her paper. I know she will share it with others.
It is THIS type of reading that should be in the forefront - and not the tripe that we see in the MSM.
Thank you for all of your work. It must have taken untold hours of research to put all of this together.
Thank you so much! I hope enough Americans read this and realize just how important their "one vote" really is!
God bless you, sir!
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