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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A Modern Day Tokyo Rose (A Real Dog of War)

- By R.A. Hawkins

Recently al-Zawahari appeared in a tape with one Adam Yehiye Gadhan, born American by the Grace of God and turned stupid by the failed left-wing skools in California. He is an interesting person to read about because a pattern begins to emerge as you read his story. His mother was Jewish and his father Christian, but he attended the Islamic Society of Orange County Mosque. That is right up until he slapped the Imam around in a disagreement. His upbringing is quite bland and one has to wonder if that didn't contribute to his being so easy to turn. He had no friends as he began looking into and studying Islam. When he converted he became close with a subgroup within the mosque where he underwent a second conversion. Up until then he did things like play rock guitar and listen to death metal. He liked to hike the Sierra Mountains with nothing but a backpack. He grew up on a farm, so he should know the rules: When a pet such as a dog has tasted blood they can never be turned back to being civilized. They will forever lust for that taste. There is but one solution for them and quite sadly that is death. More than likely in this case it may be a life in prison throwing excrement at guards after he finishes of the last of his Beluga caviar.

Azzam the American is but one of the many names he has traveled and operated under. He is now viewed as the mouthpiece of radical Islam. He is also considered to be their chief propagandist. I ran across several references to his work and a letter that was sent to many sites and posted in the many blogs online. Here is a quote regarding what is coming from the radicals who now realize that showing them removing someone's head with a piece of sandpaper in an execution has not helped their cause. They are going to try to put a warm fuzzy face on their cause now and let everyone find out what they've really signed on for later. The SS also used to do that by the way. But here is that quote......................................
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