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Monday, September 11, 2006


Political Cartoon- Bush Surrounded By Stingrays ala Steve Irwin's Death

-By Warner Todd Huston
In this weekends edition of the Lexington Herald-Leader (Kentucky), left wing political cartoonist Joel Pett has raised eyebrows with his depiction of a swimming president Bush surrounded by Stingrays, perhaps about to sting and kill the president in a comparison to naturalist, Steve Irwin's death last week.

With the words, "Iraq", "budget", "deficit", "global warming", and others, the Stingrays circle the president who is saying "Crikey" in a word bubble.

Many of the Paper's customers wrote in to the paper expressing their disgust at not only devaluing the death of the famed naturalist, but for obviously wishing the president to die in a similar way.

Customer, Tim Alford, said:

Cartoonist Joel Pett, who represents the tip of the iceberg of mediocrity that is the paper's editorial staff, may have reached the zenith of his tasteless insensitivity with Wednesday's cartoon.

Eric Henniger wrote the paper that...

I'm all for freedom of speech. I couldn't care less that the cartoonist doesn't like Bush. However, to make a political point at the expense of the tragic death of a human being is detestable. That Pett didn't know Steve Irwin is no excuse.

And Jaqueline Hogan complained, as well.

My warm feeling was soon replaced by shock that the cartoon was instead about President Bush and the political environment.

My shock was quickly replaced by disgust that Pett had decided to capitalize on the moment to take yet another cheap slam at Bush.

I am wondering how many conservative political cartoonists would get away with making political hay out of placing "beloved figures" like Bill Clinton in a position where death would be the outcome?

Yet, the hatred these leftists have for Bush knows no bounds. Any kind of threat or mistreatment is OK by them, as long as it shows supreme hatred and even wishes for his death.

Sometimes, it's hard to understand why "cartoon" is the title that these hatemongers use to describe their work. In MY day, cartoons were funny. Or at least they were wryly amusing.

Today, they can be a disguise for a death wish, apparently.
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