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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The Death of Manliness

- By Hans Zeiger

Mark Foley is a sick man in a sick culture. He apparently was abused by a priest as a child, and then he, too, abused House pages (how extensively is uncertain) before it ruined him. By the way, as his attorney affirmed on Tuesday, Mark Foley "is a gay man."

Aside from the political tides generated by Foley's resignation, there are much larger cultural tsunamis swashing round.

The Foley scandal intensifies the strain on relationships between youth and adults. It is particularly damaging for relations between old men and young men, or between men and boys, or between young men and boys. Not only must we be concerned by the crusty old man getting too close with the delicate young lady, we must now be appalled by a male congressman who sets friendly terms with his male page. Where once a fraternal fellowship was revered in the rise and passage of generations, there is a gap. We must be suspect of a man who wishes to spend time with youth in our age, because he is likely out for abduction.

But why must we be suspicious of men in this age more than in others? Because related immediately to the problem between adults and youth is the problem of homosexuality. .................
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