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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Dem. Charlie Rangel Makes New York Plane Crash Attack on Bush

By Warner Todd Huston

Well, we are all aware of the plane crash that happened in New York Wednesday in which New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was killed, right? It was certainly a tragic accident that cut down a young man who had a lot to live for. And, usually at times like this we all take a moment to mourn the loss and respect the family ... or at the very least wait a certain amount of time before trying to make political hay out of the incident.

But not New York congressman Charlie Rangel (Dem.). No siree. HE stampedes to the cameras before the fire is even out to denounce the accident as proof of president Bush's malfeasance!

The very day of the crash, Fox News' Neil Cavuto had representative Rangel on for his reaction to the crash. Here is what Rangel said:

"I thank God that it was not a terrorist attack. Having been in New York, uh, on that Tuesday, September the 9th, uh, I thought that was an accident -- and of course it broke my heart, and there's less aching in my heart now, um, that it was a terrorist attack. But I get no comfort at all in believing that we are prepared for a terrorist attack. The jets went up after the fact. I still wonder how a plane could fly up the Hudson and be able to do this type of damage."

What a shameless creep to take this accident and somehow make it an attack on George W. Bush's security policies by claiming that the "jets went up after the fact" intimating that military jets should have been able to intercept this small plane.

And do WHAT, with that small plane, exactly, Mr. Rangel? Shoot it out of the sky just in case it might run into a building?

This criticism from Rangel is mere partisan clap-trap. Even were military jets patrolling the skies on a 24 hour basis, they could not have intercepted and destroyed that small plane before it ran into a building. It is simply an impossible expectation. No fleet of planes could be expected to down such threats without prior notice of intent, direction and identification.

... Unless Chuckie is advocating we begin randomly blowing small planes out of the sky just on the off chance that one might go astray? Is THAT what this fool imagines?

Of course, it is hard to take Chuckie Rangel's word as authoritative, anyway. Look closer at his statement and you'll see he couldn't even remember that the World Trade Center was destroyed by Muslim extremists on Sept. 11th (he said the 9th) and that this particular crash happened near the East River (he said the Hudson).

This man is one of the reasons that Americans hate lying politicians who turn every incident into a way to attack his political opponent. Charles Rangel is what is wrong with politicians.
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