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Sunday, October 15, 2006


Electing an Anti-Semite in Minneapolis?

-By Warner Todd Huston

What would you say about a candidate for office that has the following history?

  • Has hidden behind at least three known aliases
  • Who, while a law student, organized a speaking engagement at his school titled "Zionism: Imperialism, White Supremacy or Both?", and refused to listen to Jewish student's concerns over the program
  • Has supported slavery reparations
  • Has publicly supported one cop killer and another who attempted to kill a policeman
  • Appeared on stage with a person who allegedly said "Jews are among the most racist white people I know."
  • Is a ten year-long member of Louis Farrakhan's "Nation of Islam", and lied about it repeatedly
  • Has taken campaign contributions from a man who has affirmed that he is "In support of the Hamas movement."
  • Has been in trouble with the IRS for refusing to pay $25,000 in income taxes
  • Had his driver's license suspended for thousands of dollars in unpaid traffic fines

  • Would you say that such a man is an ideal candidate to run for Minneapolis Minnesota's 5th Congressional District seat and should be sent to Washington to represent its people?

    Well, you might find such a man questionable but the Democratic Party of Minnesota (called the DFL there) seems to think he is an ideal candidate for Congress.

    Yes, that would be the same Democratic Party that is yelling from the rooftops about the "Republican culture of corruption" and attacking Republicans as unfit for office. Yep, THAT Democratic Party.

    Of course, what draws the Democrats to this candidate, Keith Ellison, is not that he is an upstanding member of the community, but that the man is a Muslim. It makes them all warm and fuzzy inside that they are "diverse" enough to elect the first Muslim to Congress. His anti-Semitism, financial irregularities and support for murderers and terrorists seems not to bother them a whit.

    It's only the "Republican culture of corruption" that is troublesome, after all.

    Mr. Ellison is surrounded by a whirlwind of questionable activities that has been reported by outlets as diverse as the Weekly Standard, the blog Powerline, Newsweek and the Washington Post. Even the far left leaning Minneapolis Star Tribune has been forced to write a few lightly critical articles on their man.

    Wouldn't one imagine that a Party that is all a twitter over their opponent's "corruption" would be choosing candidates with a clean background to offer up for election? You know, just so they won't be called hypocrites and such?

    Most disturbingly, Ellison has been linked with several Muslim campaign fund donors who are connected with or are vocal supporters of Islamic terrorist organizations. For instance, among others Ellison took $2,000 from Nihad Awad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Reportedly, Awad's donation came as a part of just over $10,000 in "bundled" contributions. It was Awad who said, "I'm in support of the Hamas movement."As Joel Mowbray reports, "This is not in dispute. It was captured live on videotape as he uttered those words at Barry University in Florida in 1994."

    In any case, Mowbry and others have carefully chronicled the outrageous history of Mr. Ellison, cum Keith Hakim, cum Keith X Ellison, cum Keith Ellison-Muhammad (his three known aliases). It just amazes me that the so-called Party of corruption fighting has gotten in bed with a man of such questionable character let alone one of so many identity crises.

    Apparently, for the Democratic Party of Minnesota, the title "Muslim" is large enough to obscure that of terror supporter, cop killer supporter, tax evader and traffic fine scofflaw.

    So much for the Party claiming to want to fight corruption in Washington.

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