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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Major League Baseball's Shame

- Resa LaRu Kirkland

I have a story to tell, please read and help me help Al Salerno.

I wrote to Major League Baseball attorney Robert Manfred to plead this man's case. Here is what happened to Al Salerno, who gave up a Major League career after his shoulder was wounded fighting for Korea, and then chose to become a Major League umpire, a career he held with pristine perfection for 8 years:

(This is from a phone interview with fellow umpire Bill Haler)

"Back in the 60's, umpires were paid poorly. But there began to be a considerable discrepancy between the American League and the National League after the NL got a lawyer to negotiate better pay and benefits for them. It wasn't that they were exactly union, just working with a legal negotiator. By the time the American League decided to act, the National League umps were averaging $8000 more per year than we were, and had medical and retirement benefits. Given some of the knee and back problems associated with being an ump, the medical was especially important. I know that Al has had to have several surgeries on his knees/back as a result of his years in the league.................
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