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Thursday, October 12, 2006


TIME FOR A HANGIN' Wild West Justice Needed in the East

-by Resa LaRu Kirkland

OK, I knew it was coming. When I went to check North Korea's state run newspaper the past couple of weeks, I immediately noticed the mammoth increase in anti-America rhetoric. NK watchers know this a sign that Kim is up to no good, and we brace ourselves for an announcement. Sure enough, we got one.

Yawn. Haven't we been down this road before? This time there's a little more plutonium on board, but other than that, déjà vu.

That's the problem with Totalitarian Dictators: they have a knack for teasing their audience, sometimes for years, to both gain attention and--oddly enough--the element of surprise. After all, it worked for Hitler, and from looking at Kim’s Kollection of worldly Krap, he only follows the best.

Yep...Kim's counting on our two second attention span and easily distracted, what's-Johnny-Depp-up-to level of consciousness. It's his most powerful western ally. Well, that and the UN.

Chamberlain assured the world of "peace in our time." The Nazi beast snickered at the easily led fool--and handy tool--and gobbled up most of Europe in only a few bites as the last tremors of Chamberlain's words echoed across the world..................
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