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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Carter's Son Insults Nevada Mother of KIA Veteran

-By Warner Todd Huston

Without offering any contrary views AP reports that the drop in profits for US Citgo gas stations only hurts Americans.

It seems a Jack Carter "campaign aide" tried to enlist the mother of an Iraqi war veteran killed in service to his country to the service of bashing the war and the military her son so proudly served.

JACK CARTER CAMPAIGN: Woman insulted by letter

Carter's "aide" sent a letter to Eleanor Dachtler of Las Vegas who's son, Nick Anderson, was killed in Iraq on Nov. 12th, 2004. The letter was attempting to get Dachtler to appear at an anti-war rally sponsored by Carter. The letter promised her that her appearance would generate media coverage, assuming she would do anything to be on TV presumably.

"I read the letter, and I thought, 'This guy is a (expletive),'" said the aggrieved mother. She also expressed annoyance and feelings of having her privacy invaded that the Carter "aide" checked into her voting record to discover she was a registered Democrat.

Dachtler said the reason she was so incensed was because Nevada lawmakers, including Carter's opponent, John Ensign, were helpful to her when her son lost his life in service. Further, she refused to speak out against the cause her son believed in and gave his life for.

"My son went there for a purpose; he was military-oriented all the way," Dachtler said. "I don't care about political reasons for being there. I believe that my son died for the thousands of people who were slaughtered and massacred by Saddam."

Naturally, Jackie boy claimed he knew nothing of what was going on... which begs the question: if he doesn't even know what is going on in his own campaign offices, HOW is he going to govern?

So, we see just another example of Democrats willing to exploit the pain of a grieving mother as well as a candidate who claims he doesn't even know what is going on in his own campaign.

No wonder he is losing by double digits.

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