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Thursday, November 09, 2006


New York Times: Try Appeasement Again

- By Thomas E. Brewton

The voice of record for American socialism calls for a return to the appeasement policies of Bill Clinton, what Senator Kerry calls sensitivity, that permitted the North Koreans to deceive us earlier while they secretly continued building nuclear weapons.

In an editorial dated November 5, 2006, the New York Times editorial board urges the Bush administration to "cut a deal" with North Korea.

If President Bush is serious about trying to negotiate his way out of the nightmare of a nuclear-armed North Korea, he needs to end debate within his administration and empower Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to cut the best deal she can. She should start with a clear pledge that the United States will not try to overthrow the North Korean government if it gives up its weapons program.

Has the Times forgotten that the Clinton administration pledged all sorts of things, including massive donations of taxpayers' money, in return for North Korea's pledge to give up its weapons program? Has the Times forgotten that, almost from day one, the North Koreans secretly resumed their nuclear weapons development program, completely undetected by the "sensitive" Clinton administration? ............
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