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Friday, November 03, 2006


Republicans had their chance and blew it

- By Michael M. Bates

If the polls are right, next week U.S. voters will place Democrats in control of the House of Representatives.

The switch requires the turnover of only 15 congressional seats. Monday, one pollster predicted on national television that the Democratic sweep will be at least 25 seats and possibly 30 or more.

I doubt it. Public opinion surveys aren't always dependable. Back in 1980, experts were virtually unanimous in declaring the presidential election of incumbent Jimmy Carter and challenger Ronald Reagan "too close to call."

Gov. Reagan won by a margin of nearly ten percent of the popular vote. His Electoral College victory was even more decisive. Winning all but six states and D.C., he beat President Carter 10-to-1 in electoral votes.

Despite this year's predictions, I cling to a belief – maybe it's more of a hope - that there won't be a Democratic avalanche. It's realistic, though, to anticipate they'll secure enough victories to take control of the House. ............................................
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