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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Senator Obama hits a speed bump

- By Michael M. Bates

One election is over and another one begins. Things were going swimmingly for Senator Barack Obama’s presidential aspirations.

One poll showed that the Illinois freshman trailed only Mrs. Clinton among Democratic voters expressing a preference for a 2008 candidate. That's astounding. A senator with less than two years' experience warms the cockles of Democratic hearts more than such familiar standbys as Al "The Sky Is Falling" Gore, Jokin' John Kerry and Joseph Biden, still eager to make the world safe for hair plugs.

Mr. Obama says he hasn't decided yet if he wants to run for the White House. His official Web site, obama.senate.gov, however, is suggestive.

In the "News Room" section the first article listed is "Obama Comes to Rockford" from October 2. Oddly, no source for the piece is identified. I doubt that it was written by an Obama staffer. It could have been.............................................
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