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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Turban Durbin Urges 'Bipartisanship' On Bush!!

-By Warner Todd Huston
Well, here was a most disgusting report wherein Senator Dickie Durbin (D, ILL) was quoted as urging President Bush to display less "partisanship" now that the Demos have come to power.

Durbin Asks Bush To Put Partisanship Behind Him

"We need to find more partnership and put behind the partisanship of the past,"

This from one of the worst, most partisan hate-mongers that has walked the floors of Congress since the slave caucus barred discussion about slavery in the 1830's! This from a man who called our soldiers Nazis and torturers just so he could make a political point -- a disgusting act he later pretended to apologize for when nearly ALL his colleagues called him on the carpet for his abominable language.

Turban is one of the most divisive members of Congress we have and HE has the temerity to claim it is Bush who has been shrill and partisan?

Worse, this report was issued with Turbin making these comments on Veteran's Day, the 11th of November!

The man has NO shame whatsoever.

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