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Monday, November 13, 2006


TV Commercial - White Kids Can't Win!

-By Warner Todd Huston

How long do you think it will be that we must stay under the thumb of the kind of PCism that posits that all white people are evil, wrong, losers, stupid or otherwise weak and bad?

Apparently Cisco Systems hasn't seen the end of it and that is why, in their TV commercial for their new TelePresence video conferencing system, the white kid loses.

The commercial starts off with a white boy in an obviously American class room staring at the camera. Then cuts to an obvious foreign class room with a little Asian boy doing the same. As the commercial rolls all the children in their two respective classes gather around their intensely staring classmate to see what will happen.

Then the white boy blinks.

The white boy's classmates erupt in a raucous yell, while the classmates of the Asian child jump up in victory because their boy won the staring contest being made possible by the video conference system that can obviously span the globe.

Why is it that the white kid had to lose?

Because Cisco didn't want to be saddled with the claims of "racism" that would be leveled had they allowed the white boy to win, beating an Asian -- a minority, at least here in the USA/West. It didn't want to be picketed and protested for saying an American, white child could win the staring contest in their commercial. We should be sad that Cisco has to be so preventative and we should also mourn for a society that cannot bring itself to say its members could be winners, allowing instead that it be beaten by other cultures at every turn even if it just be in a commercial.

It's a sad thing that we cannot truly become a colorblind society.

Am I being too sensitive?


I really don't even care which kid won the silly contest in the commercial. But, the problem here is that I spy political correctness. And THAT should be avoided like the plague. Let the Asian kid win, let the white kid win... I don't care. Just don't make the white kid lose just BECAUSE he’s white!

You be the judge:

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