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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Content to Lose

- By Chuck Busch

(The purpose of this article is to shame the Republican and Independent voters who generally espouse traditional values yet ceded power to the liberal Democrats by not voting for the more conservative party in this year's midterm elections. It is highly judgmental.)

On the Sunday before the elections, Elizabeth Dole expressed confidence in a Republican triumph because she believed that Americans want the US intervention in Iraq to prevail. The Democrats, she said, ""appear to be content with losing." Judging by the lack of support for perfectly fine Republican incumbent candidates, it would appear that many Republican and other traditional value voters were content to lose also. So what does that make America now, a country of losers?

Iraq Policy

The Islamofacist needs no further convincing. Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, leader of al-Qaida forces in Iraq, boasted, "We will not rest our Jihad until we are under the olive trees of Rumieh and we have destroyed the dirty black house, which is called the white house." He said his fighters are winning in Iraq and achieving their goal of fighting Americans. He issued a further challenge to President Bush not to leave saying, "Remain steadfast in the battlefield you coward." .............
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