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Sunday, December 03, 2006


End for Union Dues Used for Politics Workers don't Support?

-By Warner Todd Huston

This is a good sign...

State workers can divert union dues to charity

State employees should be able to donate their union dues to any charity, not just a church, when they have religious objections to how the money’s being spent, state and federal officials agreed yesterday in a settlement.

One of the chief complaints against Unions is the fact that these organizations, ostensibly created to serve their membership, coerces the membership to pay dues which are then used to support politicians and causes whether or not the individual members agree with those politicians or causes.

It has always been a direct contravention to the principle of a union to do so and for years conservatives have wondered why a union member cannot specify that his dues not be used for causes in which he does not believe?

But, like the bullying Union thugs perpetrate on employers, they are no different on their membership. If a member doesn't slavishly accept all tenets of the union leadership, said member is targeted for harassment. But, that aside, their dues are used for whatever purpose the Union officials decide, the member having no say whatever.

In any case, we are beginning to see cracks in this hidebound practice and this case in ohio is one of several, though quote a successful one.

The settlement came in a case involving Ohio Environmental Protection Agency employee Glen Greenwood, who objected to paying union dues because he believed the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association supported abortion and same-sex marriage causes. Greenwood did not belong to a church to which he could direct those dues.

While the union had a policy allowing employees with similar objections to donate their dues to churches, synagogues or other religious organizations, it had no provision for those without church affiliations to donate to a secular charity. The agreement concedes the policy violated equal-protection statutes.

Granted this is a government union, but it shouldn't be too hard to carry this ruling over into other unions.

It's about time Unions had their oppressive powers taken from them. Let's hope this is but one of many.

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After my Dad left the USAF, he became a member of the IBEW (Illinois Bureau of Electrical Workers Union). He worked his ass of for the Union for almost 35 years of his life. He worked his way up to a Senior Foreman but when it came close to his time to retire, the IBEW began to F^#% with him. The put him on the crummiest jobs they could find and the most dangerous areas in Chicago in order to force him to quit. Why? So they wouldn't have to pay him all the money he paid in dues for as long as he did.

Did he make it? Well, he's full blooded Greek and let's just say he got what he deserved and did it in ways most now would never have the kahunas to do. He is happily retired and is receiving all the money he worked for.

Today, tomorrow's Union workers? Who knows. Sounds a heck of a lot like my Social Security account.
HA! Good for your pops.

Unions had a purpose... in 1900! Now they are an impediment to our economic stability.
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