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Friday, January 28, 2005


Quick Takes: Book Review

Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World -By Hugh Hewitt

Although he claims the title of the Zeus of blogers and imagines he sits atop the Olympus of Electronic Media from whence he liberally dispenses nuggets of electronic dogma to his eagerly waiting subjects through his own blog, unimaginatively titled hughhewitt.com, and since he has been on numerous TV shows, radio shows (one of which is his own nationally syndicated effort) and has written and been the subject of umpteen articles, I have never heard of him before. In fact, I'm amazed anyone has since no one follows politics much in this great country. But, someone dropped his book, Blog, in the hallway where I work, so I have decided to review it ... for some reason.

Now, I must disclose that all I have read is the title because it is so long that it qualifies as a hefty read all in itself. I mean, really. Get this title. "Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World". Jeeze, what is up with that title? I am sure the title probably went on longer than that but I just couldn't sit through it and had to quit reading. It just made me so tired.

After all, doesn't this title explain all you need to know about how arrogant this Howlit guy is? I've seen shorter titles from 17th century philosophy treatise that were written by people who were so arrogant that they imagined they really knew the meaning of what God, the Universe AND human nature is.

I hope that no one uses this link to buy Blog . And I would like it known that I am just as much into this internet thing as anyone else. I would also like to make sure people don't think that I changed my old web page style to this new blog format just because of this Howlit, guy. I heard about blogs before I ever saw this stinkin book, ya know. I have had a lot of people visit my site and not all of them are in my family, I'll have you know.

Anyway, when I get past the title, I'll let you all know if this really is the mark of the harbinger of a new mode of instant news management that Hewn Howlit claims it is.

By the way, I just heard that Dan Rather has some kind of problem with some documents? I'll look into this thing and see what it is all about and try to get back to you all.

Posted by Jordan Whooseits

...well. OK, it's ME Warner Todd Huston. But I can't be connected with this blog stuff. I have degrees, man. I'm IMPORTANT!
An explaination of this parody

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