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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Hugh Was Wrong - Miers Had To Go

With this Miers fiasco finally behind us, I want to log in my feelings on what happened. I am going to use the support of Miers by writer and radio host, Hugh Hewitt, to demonstrate my evolution from a guarded support of Miers to being against her nomination. Hugh is a perfect foil for this because it was Hugh that actually helped me make the switch, even as he was attempting to do the opposite.

I like Hugh Hewitt's radio show. He has some incredible experience what with having been in government, being a constitutional lawyer, a professor, a daily blogger and Editorialist for several outlets as well as a talk show host. He is one of those people that one looks at and wonders where he gets the time to do all these things he does, time that the rest of us never seem to find.

However ... (didn't you just know a "however" was a'commin?)

At first, I did want to take Hugh's advice on this Miers issue. After all, a President has the guaranteed right to nominate anyone he wants to nominate to the SCOTUS. And further, I, too, felt a wiff of elitism coming from Miers' denigrators when this all began. But as each day moved forward and as each morsel of new info about Miers came out, I found Hugh more and more off base with his support of this nomination. As each day went on with Hugh's attempts to support her nomination, his ability to convince got weaker and weaker as the growing resistance mounted its successful efforts.

And he was just plain wrong about the entire Harriet Miers story when it was all said and done, too. He is so sure that this whole fiasco, and fiasco it was, is the death knell of both the Bush administration and the conservative movement. He is also sure that this means that the conservatives have assured the end of the non-politicized court. He is wrong on most counts, as far as I am concerned.

I will not stoop to the claim that he is somehow so blindly loyal to the Bush administration that he will say or do anything in support. Though I am sure his past White House experience lends him toward giving a GOP administration a little more leeway than many other pundits might. But, I don't want to dismiss his opinions as unconsidered spin especially with his thorough knowledge of the law.

And he is right in a few things that he contends. We absolutely have made appointments to the court far more political than it need or should be. But, it isn't the conservatives that are doing it, by and large, but the left, Miers not-with-standing. The left created "Borking" and have sustained it ever since and it is a process carried on by politicians, not the public. But, with Hugh claiming the right "Borked" Miers, we are seeing a glimpse of his worst hyperbole.

Yes, a very few conservative pundits went over the top in their condemnation of the Miers candidacy. I am sure a few radio hosts took things too far, too. But Borking is something Political Parties do to candidates and this did not happen. Still Hewitt has claimed that this is what happened to Miers. It just isn't true.

First of all, we absolutely cannot muzzle opinion just because a president made a nomination. Additionally, the Party faithful are wholly obligated to tell their leaders what they want and Miers did not fit that bill. That is exactly what happened here. Bush made an appointment that did not satisfy his base nor did it seem to jive with his claims of placing solid constructionists on the court.

Further, I would say that another radio personality is more right about the supposed crack-up of the right than is Hugh. Rush Limbaugh says this shows the strength of the conservative movement whereas Hugh thinks we are shooting ourselves in the foot. I think Rush is more right than is Hugh. The base asserted their opinion on the kind of nominee they wanted and they had not only the right but the obligation to speak up. Their opinion won the day in the field of debate and this is a good thing.

Also, we DO need a litmus test of sorts for court nominees on the right at this time. We have already ruined the court with politics and we absolutely must place enough judges in place that will reverse this trend now before the proper role of the courts is utterly irretrievable. If we do not do so, we cannot regain the proper role of the courts if we sit idly by and allow the left to control the process.

I'd have to say that the most obvious proof, if proof can be had, that Hugh went over the top in his support of the Miers nomination was when he made a brief negative aside on his radio show (last Monday, I think) that it was just "internet pundits" that doomed Meirs. This is amusing in that Hugh is the biggest supporter of "internet pundits" with his championing of Bloggers. He was dangerously close to saying that "internet pundits" should only be acceptable if they AGREE with him!

Now, I will agree with him. Yes we have made the courts far more a political football than it should be. Yes we risk making the courts assume a role they should not have (and who doesn' believe it has already happened?). I must also agree that the Supreme Court has never been a place to which we nominate only the "smartest" or most well "educated" elits. Not to say that it isn't an important position and that we shouldn't strive to put well educated people with solid experience on the courts but the court was never supposed to be a place where only the literatti were to be placed. We have had many Justices who were not necessarily the cream of the crop, the most elite. The idea that only the most elite should be allowed to attain SCOTUS appointments runs contrary to our culture of being able to achieve greatness from humbleness.

Of course, I am not saying we should be appointing ditch diggers to the SCOTUS, but to assume that only the most elite can get there is the other end of that spectrum that we must avoid. We must leave room on the high courts for people who may not fit the mold of the elite classes let we so distance our courts from the "common man" that they are unable to rule with that in mind.

Furthermore, we should try not to make a habit of torpedoing candidates before they even get a hearing, to be sure. There Hugh is more than right.

In any case, I think Hugh got himself in a pickle with his support of Meirs. And I think he just went down the wrong track to save face. He isn't stupid and he wasn't insincere. He was just wrong.

Warner Todd Huston

Our Newest Op Ed

Walgreens: Let the (gay) games begin
- By Michael M. Bates

The Walgreen Company has given $100,000 to help sponsor the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. Or, more officially, the Gay Games VII Sports and Cultural Festival, which is scheduled for next July.

Organizations unhappy with the company's contribution include the Illinois Family Institute and the American Family Association. Both groups have urged members to contact the country's biggest drugstore chain and voice their disapproval.

According to Walgreens spokesman Michael Polzin, with whom I spoke earlier this week, the groups' constituents have done just that. He said that reaction from the general public, however, has been minimal.

Mr. Polzin also indicated that the health care company made its donation to "have a presence at the games." He said they will have pharmacists available to provide information on HIV/AIDS. This is, he asserted, a continuation of the company's efforts to educate the public on various medical concerns such as cancer and heart disease.

Walgreens gives millions of dollars a year to various charitable entities, he noted. And the company will not reconsider its Platinum-level sponsorship of the gay games....................
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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Feminism Has Become Silly, Maybe Even Dangerous
- By Warner Todd Huston

In the early days of the US women's rights movement, when Sarah Grimke and her sister, or Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony led their fights for women's rights, women were almost universally treated as second class citizens. Throughout the country they couldn't vote, in many states they couldn't even legally retain ownership of their own homes upon the death of a husband. It was by and large uncommon for women to attain a higher education and in the days before the Civil War it was even assumed that women were physically unsuited to work outside the home much less start a business. There was little recourse for women who were beaten by violent husbands, women then having little legal recourse in nearly any matter.

Now that was oppression. Those were the days when women were mistreated by societal norms, when women were not offered the opportunities of the American concepts of "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", and when the women's movement really meant something urgent.

Even in the days of the 1960s and 70s, when women like Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer began their own crusades women were not able to enjoy the same status as citizen as did men in the US. Even as anti-American as their real aims were what with the socialist/communist ideals that so often underlay their principles, the ladies still had real problems to address.

But, now, we can safely say the battle is won. "Feminism", as a movement, is now unnecessary. In fact it has become silly at best and dangerous at worst..........

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Friday, October 28, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

A Reliable Source (Quit NOCing Valerie Plame)
- By R.A. Hawkins

To listen to Joe Wilson these days we're on the verge of a legal 'coupe de tat'. This one will not be like the one the leftwing imagined when the first gay black president (Bubba) was impeached. But as is so often the case, they tend to count their chickens before they hatch. I seriously doubt they will get the indictments they are seeking for other reasons however. I just finished reading the briefing from Stratfor.com regarding this issue. It is a briefing that anyone can get for free if they would just bother to go sign up for it. That being said I'll move on to some of what was said.

In essence he discussed the damage that this may cause to NOCs - agents operating under Non-Official Cover. For those of you who don't know how our intelligence system works I'll explain it a little here. Any person operating in one of our embassies will be assumed by the hosting government to be an active CIA agent. Those people that are agents are operating under what is considered Official Cover, or OCs. The backbone of our intelligence system is the Non-Official Cover agents, or NOCs. Valerie Plame was one of the NOCs. ..............
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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

What Environmentalists Do Not Want You to Know About Endangered Species
- By Justin Darr

Did you know that if all the endangered species in the world were made safe, hurricanes would no longer hit the Gulf Coast? This is just one example of the tortured logic liberal environmentalists would like you to believe in regard to Humanity's affect on the environment.

You have to remember that liberals do not think like you and me. We live in a world we believe to be basically good, and where doing what is right an end unto itself. If we stick to our values, look out for ourselves, and try to help those around us along the way, the world will be a better place. Why? Because we believe in God and that we will be held accountable for whatever havoc we might cause. We should not destroy the environment because it is a gift from God, and marring it a grievous sin. .............
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Looters Should Be Shot
- By Frederick Meekins

In one captivating scene of Stephen Spielberg's "War Of The Worlds", a frenzied mob besieges a minivan until the character played by Tom Cruise relinquishes control of it with the drama heightened by a few brief moments of whether or not his preadolescent daughter was going to be part of the spoils. As someone that projects certain cultural and social trends into the future, the scenario reminded me of what would likely happen should an incident of overwhelming destruction ever occur within the United States.

Those with limited imaginations will brush it all aside and say such anarchy could never happen here. And under optimal circumstances, I would never have proof one way or the other as to the veracity of my sociological postulations regarding these matters. Unfortunately in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it seems I didn't have to wait too long for a far off tragedy to receive confirmation.

Before the flood waters even had the opportunity to recede from this contemporary Atlantis, a wave of human scum far more deliberately malevolent than anything found in the forces of nature washed over the sunken city. For while most of the residents of the Gulf Coast were no doubt awed and humbled by the circumstances into which they were thrust, others less noble in bearing decided to exhibit behaviors proving they were barely worthy of membership among the ranks of civilized men by instead of aiding their neighbors in a time of overwhelming need deciding to prey upon them like common leeches.......
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Monday, October 24, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Answering the Clinton's Ill-mannered Behavior
- By Chuck Busch

It is questionable whether a supposed environmental warming trend triggered the two violent hurricanes in the Gulf coast, but there can be no doubt that the acrimony over disaster response has produced a significant change in the political atmosphere over Washington. The formerly impeached president and perpetual campaigner, Bill Clinton, headed for the spotlight once again to deliverable a string of disparaging remarks directed toward President Bush's handling of the Katrina emergency, Iraq and the national budget.

Having been in office for two terms, Bill Clinton cannot run for U.S. President again. It would seem improbable that he or his ex-co-president spouse would succeed anyway, now that the sordid tales of eight years of mind-boggling scandals involving abuses of power, criminal neglect, ineptitude, cowardice, immorality and corruption have become public knowledge. Therefore, Clinton has set his sights on the only other job left to him besides dogcatcher (my apologies to animal control agents) and that is, Secretary General of the United Nations. Clinton probably considers this a promotion and a chance to achieve a redeeming legacy that so far has eluded him ...........
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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

The MSM's Drooling Beast
- By Resa LaRu Kirkland

By 1968, NVA morale was at its lowest point ever. The plans for "Tet" '68 was their last desperate attempt to achieve a success, in an effort to boost the NVA morale. When it was over, General Giap and the NVA viewed the Tet '68 offensive as a failure, they were on their knees and had prepared to negotiate a surrender.

At that time, there were fewer than 10,000 U.S. casualties, the Vietnam War was about to end, as the NVA was prepared to accept their defeat. Then, they heard Walter Cronkite (former CBS News anchor and correspondent) on TV proclaiming the success of the Tet '68 offensive by the communist NVA. They were completely and totally amazed at hearing that the US Embassy had been overrun. In reality, The NVA had not gained access to the Embassy--there were some VC who had been killed on the grassy lawn, but they hadn't gained access...According to (General) Giap, these distorted reports were inspirational to the NVA. They changed their plans from a negotiated surrender and decided instead, they only needed to persevere for one more hour, day, week, month, eventually the protesters in American would help them to achieve a victory they knew they could not win on the battlefield…Today, there are 58,000 names on the Vietnam Wall Memorial that was built with the donations made by the American public. Although Giap did not mention each and every protester's name in his book, many of us will never forget the 58,000 names on the Wall. We will also never forget the names of those who helped in placing those additional 48,000 names there: Bill, Jane, Tom, Cronkite, and others. Those of us who rotated prior to Walter Cronkite's report on "Tet-68" can clearly state, "We were still winning when I left!"--9th Infantry Division.

This was a staggering revelation, and yet it did nothing to change the media. If anything, they were proud of their treason. It is only one of the reasons I can't stand Walter Cronkite. He will go down in history as the most treacherous prevaricator in modern media history. But he won't go down alone; he'll have a plethora of media puppets with him .........
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Saturday, October 22, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

What Does Albert Mohler Have Against Mentioning Global Government?
- By Frederick Meekins

On the October 18, 2005 edition of The Albert Mohler Program the President of the Southern Baptist Seminary was discussing if America was ready for a female President in light of predictions of the 2008 electoral contest coming down to Hillary Clinton and Condolezza Rice and the popularity of the new ABC drama "Commander In Chief".

Around the 27/28 minute mark of the program, a caller remarked that with either Hillary or Condoleezza that both would take us towards a world government, with Hillary's version based on moral anarchy and Condoleezza's upon corporate globalism.

Instead of engaging this vital point, Dr. Mohler dismissed the caller's concerns with a condescending chuckle and said he would have to make such a topic a different show.

Was Mohler afraid the cat would get out of the bag that little separates the two main parties at that level of politics?.......
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Friday, October 21, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

George W. Bush Hates Spotted Owls
- By Warner Todd Huston

It's true. I used to be a big Bush supporter, but now I just cannot do it anymore. Oh, it wouldn't be so bad if Bush just disliked the Spotted Owl, or even birds in general, preferring dogs or some other such common American house pet. But, no, he is taking this hatred of the Spotted Owl to a typically, over the top Republican conspiracy level that just turns my stomach.

We now have it confirmed that Bush has arranged an invasion of the Spotted Owl's Pacific-Northwestern territory by the American Barred Owl population from the southeast. It is suspected that JEB Bush has brokered a deal with these vicious Barred Owls in Florida and arranged that they will push the Spotted Owls right out of their homes.

There is no report on what the Barred Owls will get from this deal, but it is suspected that they will get a healthy share in oil exploration rights off the California coast, or maybe a giant pile of dead mice... we aren't sure which..........

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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

A year after election, Obama is still a superstar
- By Michael M. Bates

Even for a man who made the cover of Newsweek before he was sworn in, it's an impressive achievement. Senator Barack Obama, according to last week's Tribune/WGN-TV poll, wins the approval of 72 percent of Illinois voters.

If that weren't enough, state Republicans give the new Democratic senator a 57 percent approval rating.

These results will generate more speculation about his placement on the national ticket in 2008 or 2012. They will also fuel, if more fueling were needed, the media swoon over the junior senator.

He is, we're told constantly, a star. That message has come from the New York Times, USA Today, CBS News, the Christian Science Monitor, NBC's Andrea Mitchell and many other news outlets and talking heads....................
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

A Normal Reaction (Even They Weren't Right All Of The Time)
- By R.A. Hawkins

I just spent the entire morning racking my brain and searching the Internet for a situation that occurred early in our country's history. I never could locate the specific incident so I'll wing it on memory. I've no doubt that many will be inspired to tell me who it was later on. (If only to show me up)

The story from way back when goes something like this: One of our founding fathers was out riding as he often did and he came upon a very angry voter. The man looked up at him and told him he would never vote for him again. Our founding father asked him what he had done that had angered him so much and his answer was one that we're hearing today. It went something like this: "You introduced a bill into Congress to replace so and so's barn that burnt down a week ago. That happens to many people but nobody sends a bill to Congress to replace it with other people's money taken in the form of taxes. But because so many of you know this person you're moved by your feelings to make the rest of us replace it with tax dollars. That is against the very tenets upon which this new government was created, that you yourself have helped to create. You have forgotten what you once stood for." Or something like that but the sentiment is what matters and it still applies these days..............
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Uncivilized Protestors
- By Warner Todd Huston

We've been seeing it more and more; anti-war protestors gathering to protest the war in places where a person who truly cared about others just wouldn't dream of going to protest.

We have two recent examples of this untoward phenomenon. This October a militant, anti-gay group were ignorant enough to attempt to protest the funeral of a soldier in Chelsea, Oklahoma, causing consternation among the mourners.

These uncivilized cretins attempted to disrupt the funeral of Army Staff Sgt. John Doles, 29, of Chelsea, who was killed Sept. 30 in an ambush in Afghanistan. Somehow or another these crazies imagine that the war on terror is some sort of punishment leveled by God upon America because we somehow love gays.

Even more unbelievable, these people that protested at Sgt. Dole's funereal claim to be from a church group!

Another disgusting protest occurred last August out in front of Walter Reed Hospital, a place where where so many of our grievously wounded soldiers are sent to rehabilitate from our soldiers' wounds.........

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Monday, October 17, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Washington's adventures in advertising
- By Michael M. Bates

On Monday, the Washington Post ran a story about Medicare's new prescription drug program. The government will spend $300 million over the next three years to advertise the benefit. By Thanksgiving, Americans will be exposed to over $7 million worth of TV commercials about it.

This is a continuation of a long honored Washington policy: Instigate new programs and then do extensive "outreach" and advertising to encourage participation.

Politicians and bureaucrats join together in this endeavor. The more people they can sign up, the more evidence that the program was absolutely, positively necessary to begin with.

The pols take bows for munificently providing essential human services. The bureaucrats expand their territory, increase their influence and protect their jobs.

A classic win-win situation. Except for taxpayers....................
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Friday, October 14, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Apparently Some Victims More Equal Than Others In Eyes Of Media
- By Frederick Meekins

It is said that justice is blind meaning since we are all created equal in the eyes of God we should be treated the same when it comes to the application of the law. It, therefore, follows that evil deeds are not made any more heinous when perpetrated by members of one particular ethic group or upon members of a particular ethnic group.

Ashame the mainstream media does not aspire to this standard when it comes to reporting these horrors transpiring on the underside of life. For often crimes inflicted upon minorities by members of majorities receive much more condemnation than crimes inflicted by minorities upon members of the majority in order to adhere to their prewritten script of the American as world oppressor.......
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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

*Our Elected Leaders are Playing Us for Fools.*
- By Justin Darr

Have you ever had the chance to sit backstage at a magic show? Let me tell you the subtle slight of hands and distractions that create the illusions of a professional magician are designed to be seen from the front. When you actually see what the magician is doing from another angle, the tricks seldom work. However, as many professional magicians will tell you,
despite the desire of every audience member to "know how the trick is done," most allow themselves to be readily deceived because they want to enjoy the show.

Imagine for a moment that the goal of a performer was not to entertain you, but rob you. How long do you think you would sit by and allow the deception to go on before you took action to stop it? Well, it might take you longer than you realize because our elected leaders from both parties have been doing this very thing for years. Unlike a professional magician, our elected magicians are not trying to entertain us, but deceive us into endlessly funding their reelection campaigns.". .............
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Welcome- Our Newest Op Ed-itorialist!

NEW AFRICA - Enough With Equal-Time to Separate?
- By Resa LaRu Kirkland

In his anger over the hippy press and their constant bludgeoning of the white man, my dad once said, "I know how to solve all of this. The blacks make up about 15% of America's population. Since they hate us so much, and want everything on their own, I say give them 15% of this country, put Jesse Jackson in charge, and leave them on their own. Any bets on how long they'd last before imploding?"

Since they have such pride in their "African heritage," I suggest we call their land New Africa. Given their hatred for America, this would make it so they wouldn't have to be hyphenated anymore...they could just be straight out African. Can you feel the love? .........
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And here we go...

We are back. Thanks for waiting for our return and we hope you enjoyed some of our past Op Eds.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Compelled To Stand For Another Country's Anthem?
- By Frederick Meekins

Can Students Be Compelled To Stand For Another Country's Anthem?

Wonder if the ACLU will step forward to defend the rights of a student that did not stand during a rendition of the Mexican National Anthem during a school assembly.

More importantly, if one cannot compel Jehovah Witnesses to say the Pledge Of Allegiance or make atheists bow their heads for a moment of prayer, on what grounds can a school demand students stand and render homage to a nation to which the students are not bound and owe no loyalty?.......
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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Last Op Ed Until Oct. 11th...

Using America's Military Might To Shape The Future -Its for our own good, after all
- By Warner Todd Huston

President Bush just gave a rousing speech in favor of staying the course in the war on terror at the National Endowment for Democracy, Thursday the 6th of October, and I couldn't agree more with his sentiments expressed therein.

Bush has stated in the most direct terms yet what this war is about. He said of this radical Islamism that we face; "This form of radicalism exploits Islam to serve a violent political vision: the establishment, by terrorism and subversion and insurgency, of a totalitarian empire that denies all political and religious freedom."

Additionally he has reminded us how they have repeatedly furthered their aims. "Their tactic to meet this goal has been consistent for a quarter century: They hit us and expect us to run", he said. This is a clear reference to the Clinton Administration's failed efforts to treat terrorism as the war it really is instead of imagining it is a police matter as was done.

He warned that our past reactions have made the enemy stronger.........

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A Short Time Out...
- By Publius

We will be out of the office until next Tuesday, October the 11th, so there will not be any new work posted until then.

But be sure to check out our writers' archived work with the links just to the left of your screen. There you will find four years of Op Eds covering all the most controversial and interesting subjects of the day.

We would also like to remind all our loyal visitors that our Op Ed writers are some of the best writers on the web. Many have been featured on Radio and have also appeared on some of the most popular conservative websites out there.

So, stay a while and read some of our past Op Eds. And come back in a few days for "Our Newest Op Eds"!


Our Newest Op Ed

Perfect Weather for Bush-Bashing
- By Christian Hartsock

We certainly learned a lot last month. We learned more about God's readiness and willingness to pull the rug out from under man, thereby compelling him to swallow his pride and exposing him to the implacable uncertainty of his fate. We also learned more about what we can expect from liberals in a time of disaster. We, of course, already got a taste of it when liberals, after just a few weeks of cordiality, responded to the 9/11 attacks by putting the blame on the president. This time around, liberals held him accountable for the forces of nature.

The day Hurricane Katrina's effects on the Gulf Coast became apparent, August 29, President Bush immediately ordered in the Army Corps of Engineers to work on levee repair, and 300 Coast Guard helicopters to rescue people from rooftops. Later that week, he signed and pushed a $10.5 billion emergency aid package for the Gulf Coast through Congress.

MoveOn.org claimed that the federal effort was "too little, too late," claiming that the White House blamed the disaster on state and local officials "after they had begged for help."

Yeah, except, not really. In fact, two days before the hurricane struck the shores, President Bush made a call to Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, begging her to order a mandatory evacuation. Blanco neglected to order an evacuation, as did New Orleans Mayor Ray Nadig. Furthermore, it might be noted that they New Orleans evacuation plan makes it a requirement for the city to provide transportation for the disabled as well as those without access to vehicles. Nadig ignored that responsibility as well. (But wait! Mayor Nadig is black! Let's be careful not to put any of the blame on him, so, God forbid, we don't come off as racists!) ...........
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

This week, Dubya disappointed
- By Michael M. Bates

Don't get me wrong. I like George W. Bush. I think his heart is in the right place. I believe, deep down, he genuinely is a conservative. That he is a decent man and has served the country far better than any of his opponents could have.

Perhaps more than anything, I like him for the enemies that he's made.

As many on the Right have, I've occasionally been let down by this president....................
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


SCOTUS stats of interest

Here is another curiosity for Harriet Miers, though, and that is her age. She is 60 years old whereas Chief Justice John Roberts is ten years her junior. We need to place people who are as young as we can get who are solidly conservative.

Here are some tenure stats on the modern SCOTUS:

"Tenure on the court has increased over time and turnover has
fallen." National Center for Policy Analysis Senior Fellow Bruce Bartlett

According to Northwestern University law professors Steven Calabresi and James Lindgren since 1971 the average tenure in office for a justice has increased from 12.2 years (1941-1970) to 25.6 years. The average age of a justice upon leaving office has risen from 67.6 years to 78.8 years between the same periods. The average number of years between appointments to the court has almost doubled from one every
1.67 years to one every 3.27 years. The current makeup of the court is one of the longest in history, lasting more than ten years, since the appointment of Justice Stephen Breyer in 1994. "A mistake or error of judgment," says Mr. Bartlett, "might still be with us 30 or 40 years
from now." (See Bush, 41; and Souter, David.)

But with Miers at 60, we have at least 5 10 ten years less time for her to sit on the court.

Just some info to chew on.

Hattie Miers For The SCOTUS

I have to say, if there is nothing else I like about this nomination of Hattie Miers it is the fact that she is Not a former (or sitting) judge. I am so tired of this "professional" class of politicians and judges these days. This isn't Patrician Rome, folks. It is the US of A and we are supposed to be able to make it by the sweat of our brow and our good works, not because we have achieved the status of a certain "office" to move up from.

This is why Senators never win the presidency. Because Americans know that a Senator is already in government and they don't need to be given a higher position. And we don't want a class of professional politicians who go from one Federal office to the next on up the chain ad infinitum.

If we ever start voting in senators, then we will see a never ending list of men who are "next in line" to take their "deserved" office and that we need to avoid at all costs.

We need fresh voices in government not voices that are trained by the establishment in Washington D.C. Ms. Miers is that woman.

I am also a bit flabbergasted that the "conservative" movement (whom ever they are) didn't even wait for the nomination to get to the news before they lost their minds. Isn't there such a thing as party unity among the right?

Lastly, I don't for a minute believe that we could have gotten an ultra conservative to pass muster in the Senate. We haven't the conservative vote in that august body of representatives to do so. We have too many cryin' Voinies, jumpin' Jeffords and Leftie Lincolns to expect to sail through on the strength of the GOP vote. Too many would have defected and Bush hasn't the clout to whip them into line. He never did.

I am not 100% convinced that Miers is the best we could do, but she isn't chopped liver, folks. I don't feel this is a bad nomination. It certainly isn't the calamity the far right thinks it is. I am prepared to support the president in this matter.

Now, if only we could cut his wild eyed spending!

By Warner Todd Huston

Monday, October 03, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Our Man Socrates and Beyond
- By Greg Stewart

To find men of principles that strive for honorable causes, in which, they adjoin for the community the state of grace, has not only dwindled but has virtually disappeared. The innate goodness of men has lost their way in the polarization of political equanimity and has fragmented into balkanization of dishonor, in that, the strife which has ensued in the climate of post 9/11 has deteriorated equilibrium of the public. Insomuch that, with the over saturation of public access to information, the public's sagacity has been paralyzed by fear and disinformation. The Iron Age of America has begun and suffered the barbarians at its gates; the last civilized democracy has immured itself into chaos.

The United States of America, the beacon of liberty, a far descended child of Socrates, and the "Golden Age" of Greece has failed their instruction and philosophical teachings.

This "Golden Age," and its martyred hero Socrates was one of the first principled men of the West; he was one of the first father of philosophy. And although some felt that his principality had developed into a 'religious' type movement; that his popularity had subverted the government, his students realized his contribution to their city-state nation. His acumen to question everything, to some, seemed to undermine the authority of the nation. To ponder patriotism, god, and the way of life was unsettling and disturbing to many. Nevertheless, the man Socrates may have had seen himself as superior, but he did not see himself as a faultless deity. Then again, like most charismatic leaders, Socrates was certainly egocentric, but had learned the lessons of discernment, or as it sometimes referred to as the Socratic Method ... .........
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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Common Sense (You Bet Your Life)
- By R.A. Hawkins

--Publius Editor's note- Welcome back R.A. We are glad you made it through Katrina and Rita so well--

Two weeks ago I said I was going to write an article on the moral imperative of being prepared. Of course I didn't get to write that article because somebody knocked a tree into the phone line and there was no way to get online for another two weeks. We lost power again because of hurricane Rita and we were right back to where we had started out. Fortunately we had gotten to where we were pretty comfortable there. I had already stored several hundred gallons of water. I always keep the tanks topped off and ready no matter what time of year it is.

On the morning when the power went out for the first time during hurricane Katrina and as the winds began to die down, which was about two hours before the storm had officially left the area, I put on the helmet and Kevlar vest and went out to cut the trees that were now lying across our driveway. Once that was complete I got everything out of the shed that I had put away for such a situation. I had the usual hand crank/solar powered radio. We got that started charging right off the bat. I should have done that earlier but we got by on hand crank for the first day. We had what used to be known in cub scouts as buddy burners and a stove to use them with. All they are is cardboard in a tuna can with wax in them to burn. That was how we cooked.b..............
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Saturday, October 01, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed

Can We Fix The Decline In Marriage?- Brookings Gets It Right
- By Warner Todd Huston

The Brookings Institute, generally a left leaning think tank, and Princeton University, need we say more, have come together to publish an interesting study that commends the Bush administration for its decision to push federal programs for marriage education in the US. It is quite an even handed report and seems to confirm some things that many on the right and many among the nation's religious community have been saying for decades. And its all the more amazing considering from whence this report emanates, both usually liberal stalwarts.

The study approaches Bush's federal and state initiatives meant to address the high rates of family dissolution as sensible ideas and concerns itself with how to identify the best programs and assure the highest degree of success. This, in itself, is amazing.........

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