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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Wall Street Journal-Attacking Bloggers

Recently, in a Wall Street Opinion Journal Op Ed the Eason Jordon story ceased to be about Eason Jordon and became an attack on the Bloggers who revealed it to the public.

Wow, was this Op Ed abrupt and petulant! In the piece, they claimed they make "grown-up decisions about what is newsworthy, and what isn't" but shouldn't it go without saying that the Journal does so? I think we all realize that the journal has every right to decide what they wish to write about, don't we?

However, this piece reeks of backtracking and apologizing for their missing a huge story. It also reeks of arrogance, reading as if to say "WE know BETTER than YOU lowly readers what is news."

Apparently whomever wrote this piece does not know what is news as not only did the Journal pass this story up until AFTER it was all said and done, but quite a lot of things transpired during the Blog minted "Easongate" that the Journal totally missed.

For instance, the writer of this piece acted as if Mr. Jordon just somehow accidentally said this outrage agaisnt the military in a sort of slip of the tongue only at the Davros conference. But Jordon has been reported (and NOT by Bloggers alone) saying similar things to other foreign gatherings.

This Op Ed denouncing the Bloggers reeks of another thing. Shooting the messenger. Bloggers reveald the story, they did not create it. Eason Jordon did so with his loose talk, inability to prove his allegations, and initial desire to whistle as he walked through the graveyard hoping the ghosties wouldn't notice him!

Sorry, but the Journal is all wet on this one.
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