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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Illegal Alien wins $4 million against his "employer"!

And THIS is what our friendly leftist multiculturalists have wrought.

A Bronx day laborer who was injured when he sustained severe injuries by falling from a scaffold on the job in 2001 took his employer to court. This fellow won his case and a Bronx Superior Court awarded $4 million to the worker.

Good, right?


The worker is an illegal immigrant, living in the Bronx with his wife and three kids. He was working illegally in New York for 15 years.

"The lesson today for all the undocumented immigrants of New York is they have the same rights to access the courts in New York City as any American citizen," said Brian O'Dwyer, who was the lawyer in the case.

Yep. The "lesson" is that our friendly "worker" can violate the law and be rewarded to the tune of $4 million bucks!

Ain't multiculturalism grand ... well a grand is apparently a low number, but you get the idea?

New York Sun Article, Click here
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