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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Our Latest Op Ed- By Frederick Meekins

Hold Judge In Schiavo Case In Contempt Of Congress

Judge George Greer in the Terri Schiavo has defied the Congressional subpoena granting the protections of the legislative branch of government to this incapacitated woman unable to speak for herself.

Maybe those appearing before this renegade magistrate should thumb their noses at his rulings in much the same manner as he has decided to thumb his nose at this decision.

Where are all the liberals that insist Judge Moore must obey the rulings of higher governing bodies whether he agrees with them or not? Guess they had to get rid of "Thou shalt not kill" so they could get by with what they are doing now.

One of the sad truths of this life is that most of us leave it under less than wonderful circumstances. One can only hope that those seeking to speed up the departure of Terri Schiavo from this world will be so gripped with guilt in the time of their own physical delcine that they are constantly looking over their shoulders in fear of who might be lurking in the shadows to inflict the same social evils upon them they now seek to unleash upon the rest of us.

Copyright 2005 By Frederick Meekins
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