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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Our Newest op Ed- By Chuck Busch

The Final Word for Terri Shiavo
- By Chuck Busch

The facts of the case are simple. The implications of the decision will be unending. There is no document expressing Terri Shiavo's choice to die or by what manner of death. All we have is the word of Michael Shiavo whose testimony is compromised by an obvious conflict of interest and whose status as a "husband" is dubious at best. Yet the judiciary of the infamous Florida courts system has seen fit to condemn a helpless innocent woman to a slow torturous death by dehydration and starvation even before her constitutional right of due process has been thoroughly played out.

We give better treatment to convicted murderers, terrorists, and dogs. There has been absolutely no sense of justice in this entire situation. Innocent until proven guilty used to be the norm, but Terri has not even been charged with a crime. It's unbelievable. It's a human rights nightmare. It's cruel beyond imagination. It nothing more than state-assisted murder. As Terri brother exclaimed, what is happening here is most "hideous." Is this America? ...........
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