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Friday, March 11, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed- By John T. Plecnik

The Conscience of a Campus Conservative
- By John T. Plecnik

My last column, "Forget Free Speech, Liberals Don't Tolerate Campus Conservatives," drew the ire and attention of thousands. Published online by GOPUSA and the Washington Times, it sparked still more debate on the issue of liberal bias on campus. Conservative professors from North Carolina, Wisconsin and across the country e-mailed their support. One celebrity endorsement came from former U.S. House Historian Christina Jeffrey, who currently presides over the South Carolina Association of Scholars. In her words, this past column was my "best ever."

Still more students, parents and alumni stepped up, sending e-mails and notes, while weighing in on countless blogs and message boards. An Assistant U.S. Attorney, who read and enjoyed my column, even made a point of telling me that his office had jobs for law students like me. Thank you, Sir. And thank you, all. Together, we are big enough to beat liberal bias .........
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