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Friday, March 25, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed- By Justin Darr

Activist Judges: Just Ignore Them and They Will Go Away
- By Justin Darr

After September 11th , my children came up to me afraid to go to school because they thought they might be attacked by terrorists and I had all the answers. I could explain how far away from anything important we live and how many times they were more likely to be struck by lightning than hurt by a terrorist, but they still want to play in the rain. I would then open the newspaper, or turn on the television and show them all the steps the government was taking to protect them, "See all those soldiers? Every one of them wants to protect you." My words soothed them, but seeing action being taken by our elected officials on the news had a tangible impact on them that something was being done about a problem in a way my words never could.

However, now I am out of answers. My daughter came up to me and asked why the courts were killing Terri Schiavo. I tried to explain the issues as best I could but the only response I got was, "Well, I sure hope they don't decide to kill me!" So do I............
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