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Monday, March 07, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed-by Rudy Takala

UN Pains Kofi - And Everyone Else
- By Rudy Takala

As a precursor to the attacks of 9/11, Fidel Castro toured Iran in May of 2001. While visiting, he told an audience in Tehran that "Together, we [Cuba and Iran] will bring America to its knees." In a late show of appreciation, Cuba was recently elected to the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Two years ago, Castro threw 75 democratic activists in jail, with sentences of up to 28 years, for crimes that included publishing articles abroad and loaning out banned books. The pain inflicted on them has been substantial. However, it may not be as great as the pain of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. As he wrote in a recent editorial, "In the past year I have read many attacks on the United Nations. That pains me, because I have served the U.N. all my life." Perhaps we should instead be congratulating him for his marvelous ability to create collaboration between the dictatorships of the world. He's united them behind common goals to attain shared ideals, even if those don't happen to include anything more than America's destruction .........
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