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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Our Newest Op Ed- By Warner Todd Huston

Simple Birth Defect - Enough To Abort Child
- By Warner Todd Huston

One of the philosophical points used by anti-abortion activists to explain their stance, one oft times claimed by critics to be purely hyperbolic and wildly outside the logic of debate, is the slippery slope argument of "Where will it all end up?" Those against abortion wonder aloud just where society and/or government will draw the line of when an abortion is legitimate and when it is not and how often that line will be redrawn past the next extreme, and then the next. Critics say that their worries are silly, unfounded or are examples of religious demagoguery.

Anti-abortion advocates firmly believe that should abortion become a thing of little consequence, the heart of society will harden to humanity itself. They insist that if hard hearts reduce all fetuses to a status of non-existence it cannot help but foster an increased disregard for humanity. They also worry that abortion will be expanded as a palliative to help people escape from under responsibility for their own sexual mores, or lack there of.

Most ominously, anti-abortion believers feel that government is just one step away, a step that can be made at any time, from being given the power to decide when people will live and when they will die. They agonize over the criteria for making such decisions. Just when will it be OK to kill a baby, anyway, they wonder? Birth defect? Brain damage? Parental inconvenience? Hair or skin color? How can we legitimately draw up such criteria that will not be open to the whim of passing societal norms?............
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